Here are some materials to supplement a study of the states of matter and phase changes: 

From Mystery Science: this unit on the properties and phases of matter includes video lessons and activities. 

BrainPop has several animations on matter, as well as links to games and education resources. Use login  Username: scpaige   Password: brainpop

BBC's site has a number of lesson on solids, liquids, and gases.

Watch Properties of Matter Video

Interactive Sites for Education provides links to a number of virtual labs for exploring physical and chemical changes of matter.

Solid or Liquid?

Everyone makes their own oobleck at some point. At Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab, you'll find the simple recipe to make this strange stuff, along with a basic explanation of why it does what it does. For parents and older kids who want a more thorough explanation of oobleck and how scientists are using non-Newtonian fluids to make cool things, read this article from Fantasy & Science Fiction magazine.

To make a different kind of Gleup, (plastic) visit Scifun's Home Experiments.

Free Readers:

Free Downloads:

Glencoe Science: The Nature of Matter - with chapters on atoms, elements, compounds, and mixtures; states of matter; properties and changes in matter; the periodic table; and several reference handbooks and at-home labs

Harcourt Unit on Matter: simpler explanations on matter, its properties, and changes

This States of Matter download includes printable solid/liquid/gas card game, and Connect Four board game.

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