Virtual Labs Inside Online Textbooks: Use the logins to access the virtual labs in this online science textbook:

Modern Chemistry: Login at       Username: cmcclammey         Password: p5t5

After logging in, you will be on the page to access the Student Edition of the textbook and Student Resources. Click into Student Resources to access the Virtual Labs with worksheets, simulations, videos, and other resources.

Other Free Virtual Labs and Simulations:


Biology SimulationsHas virtual labs covering cell energy, evolution, ecology, and heredity. Includes accompanying worksheets for each lab.

DNA Extraction


Busy Bones Virtual Lab

Phenotype/Genotype; Meiosis and Pedigree

Bacterial ID Lab

Immunology Lab

Virtual Pond Dip

Not sure how long this one will last, but Andamio Games is offering two virtual labs for free, due to Covld-19 school disruptions. One is a Photosynthesis lab. The other is about the brain and neurons. Both labs are for use on iPads only. Both can be accessed here.

Physical Science

Balancing Chemical Equations

List of Virtual Science Lab Apps

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