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Science Studies Weekly - Physical Science

A weekly series of physical science lessons for grades 6 - 8, each issue includes current events, biographical spotlights, labs with experiments that reinforce the concept being taught, articles about noteworthy technology, and crossword puzzles. 

Download the Issues:

Week 1 - Scientific Inquiry An overview of scientific inquiry, including formulating questions, forming hypotheses and carrying out experiments.

Week 2 - Properties of Matter Explores the physical and chemical properties of matter.

Week 3 - Changing Matter  Discusses how matter can be changed from one state to another and how it can be combined physically or chemically.

Week 4 - Force  Explores both contact and non-contact forces; discusses inertia and weightlessness in space.

Week 5 - Motion  Discusses the motion of objects, including speed, velocity and acceleration.

Week 6 - Energy  Explores both kinetic and potential energy, as well as forms of energy including heat, light, electrical, chemical and nuclear.

Week 7 - Energy Transformation Examines ways energy is transformed from one form to another and the flow of energy in systems; discusses the laws of thermodynamics.

Week 8 - Light and Sound  Explores light and sound energy and describes characteristics of waves.

Week 9 - Machines  Discusses both simple and compound machines and how machines help people do work.

Week 10 - Engineering Explores design, invention and innovation; discusses scale and models.