Poems, because they are shorter literary works, can provide an easier way to study figurative language and other literary devices. Listed here are a variety of ideas and activities for analyzing poetry -- and for igniting the creative spark:

Analyzing Poetry

Classic PoemsA collection of more than 10 well-known poems with comprehension questions and interactive tutorials on poetry elements. Includes student and teacher answer pages. 

Click on the Google Doc: 

Online Poetry Units (from Georgia Virtual Learning)

6th Grade Unit

7th Grade Unit

8th Grade Unit

9th Grade Unit

10th Grade Unit

Poetry Workbooks

--Teaching Poetry

--Shape Poetry

--Pick a Peck of Poetry

Writing Poetry - Ideas and Helps

Write a poem with the help of your fave poets at VersebyVerse:

Find more poem-writing inspiration at PoetryGames.

Other Poetry Posts:

Poetry Happens

Literary Devices in Two Suspenseful Poems

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