For budding entomolgists and nature detectives, these free insect investigations help take the learning outside: 

Field Guides: Essential for comparing illustrations with actual crawlies and flying beasties discovered, and for learning fast facts. Here are a couple you can download for free: 

  • Orkin Guide: Has color photos and basic information on common insects, like bees, wasps, mosquitoes, flies, ants, etc. 24 pages.
  • EPA Bug Book: This more comprehensive garden guide contains pictures and information on good and bad bugs, bug control tips, homemade bugspray recipes, and plants that attract good bugs. 52 pages.

Field Studies:

Basic Insect Observation Worksheet

WorkbookInformation and activities about mosquitoes, honeybees, and other insects.

Interactive Sites:

  • Insects and BugsHas a variety of interactives and games. 
  • Explore BeesSmithsonian site features a collection of resources for studying bee behavior.

Free Online Books: 


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