By alternatives, I mean to the traditional general biology - chemistry - physics track that many high school students follow when headed to college. Some homeschoolers, depending on their children's interests, like to do other physical sciences or focus on a specific aspect of biology. The following links are to free online courses for some science alternatives: 

Georgia Virtual Learning: At this link to their Science page, you'll find courses in Anatomy and Physiology, Astronomy, Environmental Science, Forensic Science, Epidemiology, and general Physical Science.

SaylorOffers courses in Zoology, Marine Biology, Molecular and Cellular Biology.

Forensics IllustratedIncludes PowerPoint presentations, projects, labs, and tests.

DNA From the BeginningReadings, animations and videos covering topics in Genetics.

Earth's Dynamic Systems: Online textbook. You can also visit Online Labs for Geology.

HippoCampusHas a number of earth science and environmental science resources.

Bozeman Science: YouTube Videos made by a high school science teacher on Anatomy and Physiology.

Astronomy - State of the ArtBeginning astronomy course from udemy.

Have you found any free science resources for high school science? Please share them in comments.

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